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Tutorial by Lauren Brandy, goody-goody
website :

Do you remember the Matyroshka doll ? Well, I didn’ t improve myself …

I really tried to make it work but I think it’ s too small for me .. So next time that a project like this one shows up in the calendar, I will double the proportions so it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster.

Well, the pictures …

Preparation :


And the (crap) result … I added a little mice  or whatever it is so at least something looks OK in the picture 😉

the result


Tutorial by Lauren Brandy, goody-goody

Yeah! My first doll ! I’m not very satisfied with the result but I think that’s because I didn’t choose the right fabrics. I should have chosen something more colorful I guess.

I also was wondering what I could do with this pocket pillow, and then I looked at the website: it actually is a tooth fairy pillow! Everything makes sense now 😉

And now the pictures !

The preparation ….


And the result !

The result !

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look very nice … I will do it again if I have time!

One month already! So far so good I guess …

For the ones who own the calendar, you know exactly what I will show you next, but for most of my readers (do I have many readers?) I think it’s every time a surprise.

As you probably already figured out, there are projects due on Wednesdays and Sundays, every week.  The last project for January will be a Tin Can Cover. Then, February projects will begin. As you can imagine, lots of them will be about Valentine ‘s day !

Here is what I will create next month:
– Matyroshka Doll Pocket Pillow
– Simple Pillowcase
– Tea towel Apron (sonsporized by Kris, a friend !)
– Heartfelt Quilt Card
– Heart Window Mobile
– Patchwork Drawstring bag
– Pacifier Pouch
– Tooth Fairy Pillow

I think that the most challenging ones will be the Mobile and the Patchwork bag.

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