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Tutorial by Liesl Couthard

This is the last  project of my sewing marathon ! Actually, I did this one before the brooch … but anyway, this is almost the last project of March 2010. I already did 1/4 of the  calendar !!!

I don’ t use shower caps, I don’ t find shower caps attractive or useful. As you probably guessed, I was not excited about this project. I chose the cheesiest fabric I had, and some lining that I usually use for wet bags fr my son’s diapers : I know it won’t leak ! Anyway, I didn’ t put too much effort in this project but the result came out great !

My son loves it and plays with it. I may try it once just to see how it feels, but don’ t expect me to take a picture  of the cap on my head 😉

I just have for now the picture of the preparation step. I will come back with the result one later this week.

Here is the picture of the preparation :


I’m done for today, I hope you enjoyed the last few posts !


Tutorial by Hannah Kopacz
website :

I imagined this project to be super fast and easy … I went to Walmart today and go some ric rac ribbon. I planed to spend about 30 minutes on it but surprisingly I needed way more time ! It requires patience 😉

I didn’t use a button or a pompom in the middle : I didn’t have anything that would  have matched. The result looks pretty nice ! I just need a pin so I can wear it !

And now the pictures :

the preparation :

the preparation

And the result :

The result

What do you think? I really like it 🙂

Tutorial by Sarah Mikkelsen
blog: mysparetime/

I’m late for this project : my son was sick and I didn’thave time to work on it earlier. My son is actually still sick, so I had to take a day off from work. I did this project during his nap and I did it for him !

I was not as careful as Sarah was: I didn’t sew the ribbons first. I just pined them on the first fabric, put the second one on top and sewed everything together, on the wrong side. I just left an opening, returned to the right side and removed the pins. Finally, I seamed all over again and that’s it !

Here are the pictures :

the preparation:


and the result :

the result !
result !

What do you think? The pattern will match the stuffed animal (elephant) I did for my baby a few months ago 😉

Tutoria; by lauren Brand, goody-goody

I’m very busy at work right now so this was the perfect project : three minutes total … I have a witness, who even accepted to be my model to present the result of this project!

So, without any more comment (what else to say?)

, the pictures !

preparation :


result :


what do you think ?

Tutorial by Kristen Couse

Ok, Ok. I will be short … I didn’t like the project on paper. I tried, without any motivation, and the result looks bad .. of course. So far the worst project I ever did.

Don’t make fun of me, I will still put the pictures on …

The preparation :


The result : I didn’ t even finish the edges …. The mat is now in the garage, waiting for  me to decide when to trash it …


Tutorial by Missy Ballance

End of February !! I already accomplished 15% of the calendar !! This project did not really inspire me … I dont know anyone who would need a tooth fairy pillow, so  I wasn’t highly motivated …. I’m not sure about the result, but I did it, and that’s the main point !

The pillow doesn’t look like a fluffy pillow : I don’t have anything to stuff anymore. I used some batting instead.

Here are the pictures:

preparation :


result :


What do you think?

Tutorial by : Jana P. Nielso
Blog :

My son is beyond pacifiers during the day. He is just using one to sleep.  So, I was quite concerned about this project … Then I found another use for this pouch : it will be my key pouch ! I am always trying to find my keys, always forgetting some of them (work or car or home …) … I feel like this will soon be a situation that won’t happen again!

The tutorial was easy to follow and super quick: I think I needed more time to choose the fabric than to sew the pieces together. I didn’t use vinyl though, since I won’t use the pouch for pacifiers.

I like the result, I think it will be useful 🙂

And now the pictures :

preparation :


result :


What do you think?

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