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March will be a difficult month… I’m not inspired by the projects. I mean, I know that’s it’s impossible to be thrilled by every single project, but still … March projects look boring / useless and  I don’t think I will enjoy working on them.

Here is the list :

– recycled bath mat : I actually just finished it ….. just one word : Crap !

– Sewn invitations : yeah … we already had a card for Valentine’ Day .. Not to mention that I don’t have any invitation to send …

– Bow tie Hair clip : I have a baby boy, not girl … This one might still be funny though …

– Snuggly Ribbon Blanket : useless for me … and I don’t really like the look …

– Robot Doll Pocket Pillow : I already messed up the matyroshka doll …This project is pretty much the same but instead of a doll, it’s a robot …

– Ric Rac Dahlia Brooch: is it a sewing project or a craft project? seriously …

– Fabric Basket : ok, this one ay be the best of the month ! I can’t wait !

– Shower cap : ok, joker …. Not sure I’m interested in this one … at all …

I can’t wait being in April !


One month already! So far so good I guess …

For the ones who own the calendar, you know exactly what I will show you next, but for most of my readers (do I have many readers?) I think it’s every time a surprise.

As you probably already figured out, there are projects due on Wednesdays and Sundays, every week.  The last project for January will be a Tin Can Cover. Then, February projects will begin. As you can imagine, lots of them will be about Valentine ‘s day !

Here is what I will create next month:
– Matyroshka Doll Pocket Pillow
– Simple Pillowcase
– Tea towel Apron (sonsporized by Kris, a friend !)
– Heartfelt Quilt Card
– Heart Window Mobile
– Patchwork Drawstring bag
– Pacifier Pouch
– Tooth Fairy Pillow

I think that the most challenging ones will be the Mobile and the Patchwork bag.

I just realized that I didn’t even show you my sewing corner!

I found a free desk and repainted it and finally added my personal touch: decoration of the wood, padded wall bumper and assorted boxes / lamp …

The sewing mat would need to be redone to match the overall decoration but it’s not a priority 😉

You can see on the left side of the picture the sewing calendar !!!

So, what do you think? Do you like it?

The blog is online! It’s the beginning of a crazy year!

Let me explain to you my new challenge…. I saw the movie Julie and Julia last week and found the idea so great … I wanted my own blog and my own project too! And here I am!

I got my first sewing machine two months ago and I’m already addicted :). I recently purchased the sewing calendar 2010 and put it on my sewing desk. And then? That’s why I created this blog! I will create every project on the calendar, by chronological order. I hope I won’t stop in the middle. I hope too that I will have some followers who will show me their creations too !


Who am I?

My name is Anne-Cecile and as you can tell by my name (can you? ), I’m French. I currently live in California with my husband and son. I love cooking, sewing (of course!), digital scrapbooking, playing online games, facebook and discovering new hobbies 🙂


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