The sewing calendar 2010 project

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Tutorial by Karin Darocha
Website :

I was excited about this project ! I chose the same fabric than my bumper for my sewing desk : I want to use the basket to keep my desk empty. Just by looking at the picture, I was expecting a bigger basket, so I’m a little disappointed by the size, but the result still looks great !

The tutorial is well explained. I did a mistake though : don’ t sew the corner with the square shape !!

And now the pictures :

the preparation:

the preparation

The result !
The result
I have to admit that the picture doesn’ t look good … I will try to take a better one soon …
What do you think?

Tutorial by: Marina Roussel, Wink Designs

I feel sometime stupid … really ! The tutorial was great and easy to follow. I needed a needle case, so it could have been the best project ever! I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to go with a heavy fabric that looks like leather instead of a medium-weight fabric … The result is bulky and it would have been much nicer with a thiner fabric.  Also, i have an issue with my sewing machine: the lower thread is not working properly . I tried to fix it but nothing seems to work …. You will see in the pictures, it’s like the tension being poorly adjusted .. if you have an idea, tell me!

For this project, I wanted to use the same fabric than my desk padded bumper. I totally forgot to take pictures of the preparation step, I’m sorry!

the inside :

result - open

the outisde :

result - close

What do you think? 🙂

I just realized that I didn’t even show you my sewing corner!

I found a free desk and repainted it and finally added my personal touch: decoration of the wood, padded wall bumper and assorted boxes / lamp …

The sewing mat would need to be redone to match the overall decoration but it’s not a priority 😉

You can see on the left side of the picture the sewing calendar !!!

So, what do you think? Do you like it?

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