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Tutoria; by lauren Brand, goody-goody

I’m very busy at work right now so this was the perfect project : three minutes total … I have a witness, who even accepted to be my model to present the result of this project!

So, without any more comment (what else to say?)

, the pictures !

preparation :


result :


what do you think ?


Tutorial by Missy Ballance

End of February !! I already accomplished 15% of the calendar !! This project did not really inspire me … I dont know anyone who would need a tooth fairy pillow, so  I wasn’t highly motivated …. I’m not sure about the result, but I did it, and that’s the main point !

The pillow doesn’t look like a fluffy pillow : I don’t have anything to stuff anymore. I used some batting instead.

Here are the pictures:

preparation :


result :


What do you think?

Tutorial by Katrin Vorbeck

I have to be honest .. If I could have skipped a project, I guess this would have been it … On paper, it seemed a useless project, kind of expensive and totally boring … I went to Michaels to look for all the supplies and I got some good deals ! I didn’t use beads or pearls but pom-poms instead. I have to admit that I ended up having fun, which is the reason why I won’t skip any project, even if it doesn’t look great on paper.

I hung it on the wall, not in front of a window but it still looks OK. I finished it for Valentine’s day. I won’t keep it on my wall for a long time but this is a good wa to decorate a room for cheap !

And now the pictures 🙂

The preparation:

the preparation

Preparation - next step

The result :

The result !

The result !

Tutorial by Marie Ann Tenny
Website: The website is not working anymore .. I just found the flickr gallery.

Happy Valentine’s day!! For the occasion, the calendar had a tutorial for a nice card. The tutorial was easy to follow, the experience was pleasant and the result is great!

I did a few changes in the tutorial but overall I followed Marie Ann’s tutorial 😉

I used a very thick cardstock instead of two thin ones. Therefore you can see the stiches inside the card. i think it looks pretty nice 😉

Pictures time 😉

The preparation :


The result :

The result :)And inside :

The result :)

What do you think? I think I will use this technick for other cards and occasions 😉

Tutorial by: Marina Roussel, Wink Designs

I feel sometime stupid … really ! The tutorial was great and easy to follow. I needed a needle case, so it could have been the best project ever! I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to go with a heavy fabric that looks like leather instead of a medium-weight fabric … The result is bulky and it would have been much nicer with a thiner fabric.  Also, i have an issue with my sewing machine: the lower thread is not working properly . I tried to fix it but nothing seems to work …. You will see in the pictures, it’s like the tension being poorly adjusted .. if you have an idea, tell me!

For this project, I wanted to use the same fabric than my desk padded bumper. I totally forgot to take pictures of the preparation step, I’m sorry!

the inside :

result - open

the outisde :

result - close

What do you think? 🙂

Tutorial by Amy Adams

We don’t really eat eggs at home, at least not “just eggs”. So I don’t have any eggcups! and therefore the project didn’t seem very interesting …  But it was actually a lot of fun and I like the result! I also discovered the blog of Amy Adams and I love it!

The tutorial is very easy to follow; you don’t need a sewing machine or any complicated skill. You basically need felt, 2 hours and a needle! I did it while watching a movie and the result is still fine 😉
I also learnt how to sew a blanket stich: amazing and easy actually!

Ok, pictures now !

First step: cut the felt and patterned fabric !

After some easy sewing steps, here is the result !

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