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Tutorial by Hannah Kopacz
website :

I imagined this project to be super fast and easy … I went to Walmart today and go some ric rac ribbon. I planed to spend about 30 minutes on it but surprisingly I needed way more time ! It requires patience 😉

I didn’t use a button or a pompom in the middle : I didn’t have anything that would  have matched. The result looks pretty nice ! I just need a pin so I can wear it !

And now the pictures :

the preparation :

the preparation

And the result :

The result

What do you think? I really like it 🙂


March will be a difficult month… I’m not inspired by the projects. I mean, I know that’s it’s impossible to be thrilled by every single project, but still … March projects look boring / useless and  I don’t think I will enjoy working on them.

Here is the list :

– recycled bath mat : I actually just finished it ….. just one word : Crap !

– Sewn invitations : yeah … we already had a card for Valentine’ Day .. Not to mention that I don’t have any invitation to send …

– Bow tie Hair clip : I have a baby boy, not girl … This one might still be funny though …

– Snuggly Ribbon Blanket : useless for me … and I don’t really like the look …

– Robot Doll Pocket Pillow : I already messed up the matyroshka doll …This project is pretty much the same but instead of a doll, it’s a robot …

– Ric Rac Dahlia Brooch: is it a sewing project or a craft project? seriously …

– Fabric Basket : ok, this one ay be the best of the month ! I can’t wait !

– Shower cap : ok, joker …. Not sure I’m interested in this one … at all …

I can’t wait being in April !

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