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Tutorial by Karin Darocha
Website :

I was excited about this project ! I chose the same fabric than my bumper for my sewing desk : I want to use the basket to keep my desk empty. Just by looking at the picture, I was expecting a bigger basket, so I’m a little disappointed by the size, but the result still looks great !

The tutorial is well explained. I did a mistake though : don’ t sew the corner with the square shape !!

And now the pictures :

the preparation:

the preparation

The result !
The result
I have to admit that the picture doesn’ t look good … I will try to take a better one soon …
What do you think?

I know I’m late … I didn’t have a chance to take any picture earlier !

With the organizer in the car, I’m way more amazed than I was 🙂

Terrific tutorial and amazing result !

Tutorial by Alicia Alferman

Amazing!  I was excited to do this project and I love the result! Super easy to do and very efficient! I am not sure of the quality of my fabric, but at least it looks good 🙂

I don’t have any picture of the organizer in the car yet, but I will post some tomorrow !

The preparation:

I got some help 😉


A closer look …

And the result !

More pictures of the organizer in the car to come !

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