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Tutorial by : Ayumi Takahashi, Pink Penguin
Blog :

First of all, sorry for the delay. I should have finished and posted this project yesterday. My son was sick this week-end, so I didn’t have much time for sewing …

I knew from the first look that this project would be hard but great. I was right ! It was challenging for me but I looooooove the result. I was expecting a bigger bag, but otherwise it’s even better than in y dreams 🙂 Go check Ayumi’s blog : it’s fantastic ! I think I will try some other tutorials!

I didn’t have any cord so I used a ribbon, and it works perfectly fine. If I ever get some cord, I might replace my ribbon with it, but looks OK the way it is. I used 8 different fabrics for the outside patchwork, another one for the top part, and a plain orange one for the lining.

Here are the pictures, tell me what you think !

Preparation :



And result !
the result ! the result !


Tutorial by: Melissa Esplin of IS.LY

Tough one! The result looks fine but I’m not sure I did what Melissa wanted: I tried, and tried again but I couldn’t figure out how it worked…. I found the tutorial unclear and confusing. I also checked the online one but same issue 😦

If there is no possibility to be more specific about which piece of fabric to use, then just attribute each of them a letter.
For example:  two  11″x 19″rectangles from outside fabric: A and B.

Then it makes more sense to know which part to use ….

Anyway, I did it, even though it may not be right!

Here are the pictures !

The preparation:


And the result:
the result!
If I would have to do it again, I would probably make it less high so that I have less fabric to roll to be able to close it. I would also probably add a handle, even though the wristlet seems very useful.

Tutorial  by Meream Pacayra

Project number 2 !!!

I have a yoga mat! So it was kind of useful to make my own yoga mat bag!  I used some fabric remaining for the outside and I didn’t use any lining.

The online tutorial is way more detailed than the paper one. That’s actually logical but just to remind you: check out the website at the top of the paper project before beginning to do anything 🙂

Back to the yoga mat bag! I did my best with the short time I had: I just began a new job, so I’m quite busy 😉 I followed the tutorial except for the lining. Everything looks good so give it a try! It’s easy and quick to do!
Just one adjustment for lazy people like me: the tutorial asks you to cut two strips for the strap .. why not just cut one and fold it? To get a flat strap, just sew on the outside (all the four sides) , very close to the edge.

I did one mistake: the bag is not long enough so I can’t close it totally. But since I don’t use my yoga mat very often, it’s OK, I won’t do it again soon 😉


result !

a closer look to the top:

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