The sewing calendar 2010 project

Mini Oven Mitt

Posted on: January 17, 2010

Tutorial by Crystal Butler

Interesting project! My son likes to help me cook (at least, as much as a 17-month old boy can know about cooking! ). I chose his favorite fabric and it worked! I had some issues understanding the paper tutorial so I went on Crystal’s blog to find more explanation. And what a surprise …. I finished the mitt easily, thanks to the online tutorial, but that’s not the reason of my surprise.

I just have been astonished by Crystal’s story …. Her husband is an American soldier and spends most of his time abroad, fighting for the American people. She is also herself a talented photographer ( her facebook fan page) . If you have some time to read the blog, do it! It worths it, not only for the sewing part but also for the human experience.

And now the pictures ….

The preparation:


And the result! I had some issues taking a nice picture of my boy playing with his new cooking accessorie … I may post another one if I get a better shot later!

the result!

The result!


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J’adore !!!!

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